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lost my pet... again~

huwwwaaa..... this morning my favo pet was died....
her nama is kyuu (nine)..



manga perfect life (orphen and naruto)
fav manga 
your guy is: naruto
you <3 him FALSE
he <3 you FALSE
number of kids 2
who dies first you
you have a happy life - 32%
This quiz by yff(brokenboul) - Taken 35 Times. </a>
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aki akiko.. kwkwkw

Your Manga Life (girls only)
Favourite Color 
Your name is: Akiko
Genre: Sci-fi
Are you the main character? You're important, bu tnot the main character
You live with: No one
How you die (if you die): Someon murders you
This QuickKwiz by Sizzarah - Taken 42 Times. </a>
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black cat!!!

Black Cat Quiz ( As in, Black Cat, the manga/anime )
Favourite Color 
First person you meet is: Train
He/She says/does: Smiles
You respond by saying/doing: "How are ya?"
This person falls in love with you: Shiki
This person hates you: Rinslet
This person is who you will fall in love with: Berze
This quiz by Minoru-chan - Taken 101 Times. </a>
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my sweet story

SHINee Sweet Story
Full Name 
Your valentine is: Taemin
He gives you: cake
He takes you to the: mall
He says: "Can I hug you?"
You are his: favourite person
Will you stay together forever? Yes! Of course you will!
This Quiz by bisuketto - Taken 350 Times. </a>
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My SHINee Romance
Full Name 
Ideal SHINee member Lee Taemin
How did you meet? Sat beside each other on the bus
What does he lovingly call you? Flower :D
How did he propose to you? Had it broadcasted on the news
What was your wedding like? A beach wedding under the sunset ^^
How many kids? More than 2 digits...xO
This cool quiz by jooniejoonie - Taken 58 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

SHINee. <3333
Name / Username 
Your Bestfriend: Taemin
Your Boyfriend: Taemin
Your Husband: Minho
Your Brother: Minho
Your Lover: Onew
This fun quiz by sillyc_135 - Taken 41 Times. </a>
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Hey!Say!JUMP with you! :D
Name / Username 
HSJ members Chinen Yuuri
First meeting Last takoyaki, you guys fights for it
Why is he attracted to you You are challenging
Songs that describe your love relationshp with him Sunadokei by Tegomass
Relationship Marriage
This quiz by RikouMeiyo - Taken 101 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

How did you break up with Super Junior?
Name / Username 
He is Donghae
Breakup because He afraid that his fans would hate you
how did he say sorry He said sorry to you in front of all his fans
This QuickKwiz by vluph - Taken 1312 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

Your NEWS boyfriend
Full Name 
Your NEWS boyfriend is: Tegoshi
He confessed to you when: you were crying in the rain
He confessed to you by: kissing you passionately followed by his confession
He calls you: baby
He fell in love with you because: you share the same interests
You will be married: when he quits being a Johnny's
This Quiz by reiko25 - Taken 251 Times. </a>
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